About me!

I’m an creative animation filmmaker and independent media artist based in Weimar, Germany. I produce animations for social media, explainers and spots, both with analoge and digital techniques. (I love paper and paperlooked stuff) I direct audiovisual projects and like to collab with other animator and artists. I also teach and organize animation and video workshops, for adults and kids.
I’m founder of the Weimar Animation Club with regular meetings and events for networking of animators in Thuringia.
Current film project: elcantodelasmoscas.com
Sometimes I sit and cutout paper to make collages.
Currently fellow of the TP2 Programm
If you want to collab or you would like to work with me drop me a line!
E-Mail: kontakt |at| anavallejo.de

IG: @anavallejoc Vimeo Facebook